My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anchoring Your Magic

A friend suggested, and I agreed, that I am trying to give people a set of tools for living a better life. She called it a skill set. In order to have this skill set easily available to you, it needs to be a habit. Simply having the habit of being open to a spark of magic, or looking for the zing in things can enliven your life quite a bit. When you find things to add to that mind-set you can add them to your set of skills, but start with just being open to the spark or zing. There are different ways of anchoring a behavior, and this openness would be a mental behavior. You can do this by linking your senses together. Many times people have an emotional reaction linked, or anchored to a certain piece of music, such as their school song or the National Anthem. For me, I anchor the openness to an extra enjoyment with opening my eyes a bit wider and expecting a flash of a good picture such as the picture of my magic castle that I have at the head of my blog. Others will connect a smell, perhaps of cookies or fresh bread with a memory. A touch on your knee might be an anchor you could set up while you are feeling intensely about something. Many good spellers anchor the spelling of words to a certain rhythm.
I used to anchor my bravery in walking past a scary building, as a child, to me by rubbing my thumb and first finger together until I was past that dark place.
I suggest you anchor in the acceptance that life can be good. Let a spark of magic start, or help you continue, along a pathway to a lot of happiness.

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