My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Magic Of The Shadow

Trying too hard to be rosy can be dangerous. The shadow is a valuable resource. People are taught to fear anger in themselves and then lose the ability to tell when there is something wrong that needs to be dealt with. Or they fail to mourn the passing of something enough. The so-called negative emotions come from the shadow side. It is not good to ignore this part of ourselves. It is the shadow that is the source of some pretty good humor. (Some bad as well) Often laughter is the relief that that pratfall is not happening to you. When you take time for your valuable solitude it is well to spend time with the 'creatures of the night' the fears and things that nag at you. We must manage our moods so the baseless thoughts don't overwhelm us. But we also have to explore our thoughts and see what is behind them. If there is a problem that needs handling, get happy and handle it. The ways the shadow speaks to you might be varied. Many people think that the main way of knowing these emotions are there is from physical feelings, hot cheeks, guts twisted. But I am highly visual and I sometimes visualize little Harry Potter type house elves or such shadow pictures that are a signal to stop and explore what I need to solve, accept, cry about, or deal with in some other way. I suggest you too can benefit by shining your spark of magic into the shadows and see what riches are there for you.

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