My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Momma Magic

One of the best definitions of intelligence I ever came across was "Intelligence is the ability to learn from the environment." Now that doesn't just mean interacting with your physical environment and remembering what happened when you touched a hot stove for another time. It means learning from others who have also interacted with the environment. Your parents pass on tips that are useful. So do friends and many other 'media'. This morning when I got out of bed I suddenly had a terrible cramp in my left leg, so bad that I wasn't sure I could put my foot on the floor and not fall. I pinched my nose where it goes into the lip and the cramp stopped. I got that tip from the tips newsletter I used to get 'The Bottom Line'. Yesterday I drove my car and noticed that the extra wide rear view mirror I have is a good safety feature, as recommended in a safe driving course my work insisted I take a few years ago. This morning I sent an e-mail to a friend about a good reputable business I have used that she may now benefit from using. My point is that there are tips, that are good, in abundance, that you can use. Learn how to know when the source is good, check the tip out, then file it for future use. This tendency of our culture to share and watch over others is what I call "Momma magic". It abounds and will help you with that spark to make your life better. Reach out for that spark by keeping your eyes and ears open and asking your friends to share their tips. That will bring the spark of momma magic into your life.

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