My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Principle of Magic: Act As If

I just finished the draft of 'Marus In Chaga' another sequel to Thimblewyck. I realized I have been acting on the magical principle of "act as if". If you act as if something is going to happen, it is more likely that it will happen. The way the agency that is now reading Thimblewyck described themselves to me really appealed to me. I want that agency to work with me. If they like that book and are interested in sequels I will be ready. I threw myself into writing these two sequels with full passion, craftsmanship and imagination. I am proud of my work. If this agency doesn't feel I meet their needs I will keep looking for one that does. I am acting as if I will be published, and I believe I will be.
Sometimes people talk about the self-fulfilling prophecy in a negative way, telling us that if we think we are unlucky we will be. That might be true. So in order to nurture your spark of magic and keep it well lit, act as if your life is going as you want it to, keep on meeting your obligations and taking care of business. Magic abounds. It is up to you to reach out for it.

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