My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Magic Mind Set

The magic mind set can help with anything, weight loss, fighting addictions, taking on new learning projects, making friends. It is a matter of being open to change and then finding out what it takes to accomplish that change, all the while nurturing your moods and faith in yourself. Sometimes you may have to think outside of the box, stack the boxes, smash the boxes or build new boxes. Magic is not a panacea, or sudden, but it does get results. That is at the core of magic: it is that which works. Often you will have overpowering waves of self-doubt assault you. At those times you must take one of those magic boxes and pack away the self-doubt. During the process of creating your magical project you can not be bothered by worrying about the end, and that distraction of self-doubt is misplaced. Just get into the process and go for what you want. Get into the Zen of doing what you do. Fear will have no place in this process. You will improve, you will enjoy, you will succeed.

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