My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, March 8, 2010

Where Is The Power Of Magic?

There is a difference between getting help and wanting someone else to do it for you. At times we may feel despair and want to give up our power, but that is very unwise. Here is a visualization that can help you develop your power to do what you need to do: Picture yourself being the magician and waving the magic wand for yourself. After all it is your magic. If you have the power of being yourself and are in charge of your own life, it will be difficult for others to tear down your self esteem or to influence you in ways that will be bad for you. Today is National Women's Day. Women are a group of individuals that have suffered from powerlessness throughout history. Yet there have always been powerful women. Power comes from being responsible for yourself, then deciding where else you will spend that power.
Power is not a 'someday' thing, it is now. The decision for change is made now. Then magic is used to keep the change going. Don't abdicate your power, claim it for yourself. Let a little spark of magic build a fire under you and go for your personal power today.

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