My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magical Wisdom

Magic is often referred to as the occult, or that which is hidden. At times we hide things from our self, or at least do not let the whole impact of them come to us. Procrastination is a signal that something needs to be faced. Sometimes gimmicks and habits can be helpful with procrastination. If it is just a little bit of putting off you can apply the gimmick of 'getting a small start' of unraveling the knot a bit. Once something is started it is much easier to get it finished. But there are times when it is good to go a little deeper and find what anxiety needs to come to the surface and be faced. That's when the idea of magic is useful. Tips, gimmicks, good habits are all useful and should be part of our repertoire. But magic, with the idea of uncovering that which is deeper, is the right tool for the job at times. When we know what we fear we can face it. Then the behaviors we were putting off, to alert us that we were procrastinating, are much easier to deal with as well. So, I suggest that if you find yourself nagging at yourself about your procrastination do not just try to call up will-power to help you. Meditate until you understand the whole picture. That bit of understanding will be the spark of magic that will give you the energy to deal with the deeper cause of your procrastination, thus improving you life.

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