My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Magical Inner Self

If you are working on any project and it doesn't seem to be running smoothly, stop and ask your inner self for the message. Perhaps you can't walk well and there is a thorn in your foot you need to pull out. I was feeling blocked about the book I am currently working on and I finally realized that I didn't have the antagonist and protagonist (villain and hero) in actual opposition. It will involve a little work to change some of the action and events but the zing I got from the discovery will make it go smoothly. I've seen signs on gym walls like 'when the going gets tough the tough get going'. Well maybe so. But I suspect that it might be better to say
"when the going gets tough the tough get going, the smart look for a better way to go and the wise fix the road." I lettered in basketball in high school. It was the hours of practice at shooting baskets that made for the confidence and high scores in the games, not some last minute toughness. Your inner self is there for you, always, to give you the messages you might otherwise overlook. Take time to reflect, to survey your life and see which roads need to be fixed, regraded or replotted. A spark of magic is meant to help you travel smooth happy roads.

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