My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Never Too Little Or Too Late

Since magic is a skill set, a way of thinking that you can access to your benefit, it is a good idea to hold the thought 'it's never too little or too late.' We know that in the mundane world plants can die if we water them too little or too late, and all that dreary stuff. But I have seen plants come back, and other things become resurrected. So don't rush to the judgment about little or late. Plant the seeds, sow your joy, goodness and ideas widely. You don't know whether the ground they fall on is fallow or not. I spent some years living in the Mohave desert, on the California/Arizona border. The desert will be barren for years. Then a really wet spring comes along and the seeds that huddled underground waiting for enough moisture will burst into the most miraculous carpet of color and bloom. You can't find a place to step without stepping on a flower.
Reach out in all the good ways you feel the urge for. Then gather in all that comes. Others are also, sometimes unknowingly, planting seeds. Receive them and enjoy your magical garden. Let that spark of magic bring Spring to your heart. Then look outside and see the signs that nature is also sending Spring to you.

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