My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Using Magic in Dealing With Addictions

"Being hooked" is not necessarily a bad thing. There are toxic addictions, soft addictions and positive addictions. Anything that is an ongoing thing that interferes with a fulfilling life might be considered a toxic addiction, not just substance abuse. There are also process addictions. A toxic addiction wraps its tentacles around you and yanks you away from living fully and puts you in a dungeon or cocoon. A soft addiction does the same on a temporary basis but you can usually break through when it is really needed. Sometimes it is hard to determine if a soft addiction is really an addiction or just some down time while you gather your resources. Soft addictions can be many different things such as computer games, television, co-dependent relationships( which can also veer into toxic addictions)or even going to church. Positive addictions are things you do that allow new synapses to develop in your brain. Developing a talent, ability or skill, or any routine that gives a sense of well-being can be a positive addiction. The way you use your magic spark will help you steer yourself in the direction of the better addictions and away from the toxic ones. That spark is short but powerful. Like a thump on the head it can help you wake up and decide whether you want to improve your brain, thus improve your life, or if you want to succumb to the tentacles that pull you down. That zing that you have within you can give you the spark to go in the right direction. Use it as often as you need, or when you need. The spark of magic is always there.

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