My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, March 1, 2010

Magic Is For Hanging In There

Yesterday was bill paying day. Sometimes I really have trouble sending my money out with love...the whole thing can really tarnish the gold of my magic. I was blocked in my writing, thought reactive thoughts and couldn't even make puns. That for me is the ultimate sign of a need for magic. So I did all the invoking, spells, chants and such that I could to hang in there. Today I approached the decisions about changes in paying and spending in a new way, and it all worked. Everything fell into place with bonuses. Things like special photos were suddenly manifested. It was as if I could recognize the right time and had arrived there. It was as if the jig saw puzzle now had pieces that had been waiting to fit into place but hadn't felt that it was the right time yet.
One of the spells or mantras I used was 'remember that those close to you are people of good will, they have the same goals as you do, realization and decisions need time to fall into place'.
Another mantra I used was 'you can get on top of this, all this ugly fog is just something to get through.' In the end several of the ideas that I had been waiting for in "Marus in Chaga" came to me, solving problems and opening the way for the next several chapters in ways that are fun and creative as well as making sense. I'm glad I knew to turn my angst over to a spark of magic.

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