My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Magic Of Brain Power

The brain likes to learn and does so whether you direct it to or not. Beware of 'garbage in, garbage out,' because if you expose you mind only to trashy or sensational stimulation that's about all you will be able to talk or think about. We all have heard about the small child who swears or uses a potty mouth in embarrassing, to the parents, situations. They say "little pitchers have big ears." It's the same with the brain. What you pour into it is what will be poured out. So it is good to take a self-directing role in brain development. Learning is life long. There are many ways to increase the power of your brain. You need to work on your overall health as well, because a brain that doesn't get the proper blood flow and such will not function properly. So exercise and nutrition have a place in brain health. Then you can do other exercises to develop brain power. If you practice memorizing you will become more adept at memorizing. I remember realizing I needed to be able to keep my mind about me when there were distractions such as someone talking too loudly, or shouting at me. It took some time and practice but it was worth the effort. Crossword puzzles are just the tip of the iceberg for things you can do with you eyes to strength your brain. You can practice sound things like singing one song while listening to another, speaking something out loud, then continuing it silently, on some signal, then going back to speaking it out loud again, without losing the thread of it. Developing muscles. Visualizing muscle use, as in inner tennis, actually helps. When I was learning to play the piano I sometimes would practice certain finger patterns in my mind or on a desktop and that would help. Your brain is a miracle. Let this reminder of that be the spark of magic that moves you to use it and increase its power.

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