My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let Magic Be Unbound

In the Sufi tradition the story is told of a teacher suddenly throwing his shoe into the heavens where it disappeared. In another time and place it fell on the head of a robber, thus saving the people who needed this miracle. In the study of quantum physics it is said that the laws of regular physics do not apply. In daily life we can be so focused on goals or problems that we almost forget to live. At those times we need to find ways to let the mind drift, to let magic be unbound, to allow the magic that is life to approach us. In that realm we do not worry about direct cause and affect nor sequence. If there must be purpose to this exercise it is to quiet the mind until we are rested, to let choice become merely choice, and actions are now ours to choose. When you are ready to allow magic once more you may find, that with a rested mind, the ideas are more fluid, the opportunities that you didn't see before are now there, and that you are better able to appreciate the miracles of a colorful sunrise or the color of a flower's petals, and know that your ideas for your creative work are also a miracle. You may say you are not engaged in creative work. Creative play then. But all express themselves by their choices. Do not deny your creativity. Let a spark of magic into your life to help you celebrate your self expression.

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