My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reminders About Magic

Remember that magic is well formed, that your inner wisdom leads you to it. If you are reading or hearing something that sets off your inner alarms then that is not for you. Sometimes things will happen that are totally unexpected but very beneficial, and logical. Like the time I got on a Greyhound bus totally soaking wet. Hours later I really needed to walk in the sunshine for awhile but we were only scheduled for a fifteen minute stop. It seemed magical to me that the bus driver who was meant to take over was more than an hour late. Then, when we reached another city I was persuaded to change buses (so I wouldn't be at a dangerous stop at night with no shelter because of that lateness) and discovered I had bought a ticket to the wrong city, but was now on the correct bus. Had the rain not come when it did I might have been put to a lot of trouble and confusion by my original mistake. I had gotten on the bus that night with the faith that I would see my daughter the next evening and I did. These things happen. But if I had tried to cause it my beliefs in logic and such would have prevented them, because I couldn't have had a big enough picture. So, be comfortable with your beliefs but relax about them. We don't know all there is to know. Accept the goodness that comes your way rather than pushing it away. Expect goodness to come your way and your are more likely to recognize it when it comes. Let a spark of magic into your life.

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