My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mother Magic

A few posts ago I wrote about the Greek word, temenos, which has come to mean sanctuary of a psychological nature as well as physical. Mother love is the same but more. Not only does The Mother accept and listen. The Mother also expects. You can become your own mother and that will work magic in your life. The Mother spells out the rules, over and over if needed, then shows you how to follow the necessary ones. The Mother shows you how to know when certain rules supersede the others. When you are in pain, The Mother says, 'I know. It's okay to cry. There, there' before she helps you dry your eyes. Then, when you are back on the playing field, she cheers for you again. The Mother joins in and participates and encourages you to do the same. Some people have poor mothers. Some people have good mothers but forget what they learned, so have a poor inner mother. No matter what the state of your inner mother, you can craft a more magic one. Visualize, write down, draw pictures, talk to yourself, or create some other way; but find time to visit with you inner mother. Let that nurturing part of yourself give you a spark of magic that will enrich your life.

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