My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Magic Of Connection

To what and to whom are you connected? Have you thought about the benefits of your connections? I value my connections a great deal and am thankful for them. Friends set you on the right pathway. They give you a safe port in a storm. I just came across an excerpt from my grandfather's diaries that I had put together in the late
l960's. He died in 1959. (born 1868) I felt a sense of connection to him and my whole family. I plan on retyping these mimeographed pages and sending them off to my siblings. I think that will enrich our connection. Sometimes a connection is not that long but will live on beyond the time spent together. I stopped to talk to a street musician in England in 1969 and was delighted to find out about his life and to hear his music. I'm still glad I bothered to stop and make that brief but interesting connection. There are places I feel a connection to, some very simple. I sat under a wild rose bush on the Kiabab mountain in Northern Arizona and played "To A Wild Rose" by MacDowell when I was a young teen. I still feel magical and peaceful when I think of it. You may have connections to ideas, people, places that you have not realized. Take a moment to let the spark of magic reinforce your connections. It will enrich your life.

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