My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Magic Of Clarity

Some people are comfortable in a foggy world of assumptions, denial, customs and bad habits. If you can dare to question this haze you will come into a much better world. It might be frightful when you first dare to shine a light in the darkness but if done with a small candle, a spark of magic, the way will open up for truth, clarity and a bright new day. Visualization can be helpful. See yourself holding the light source that shines into the dark cave where you are held captive. Perhaps the change you need to make is in your life-style for health reasons. That can be extremely hard because the need for change is there all the time. There is no vacation from the need to change. There is however, a vacation from stress. You have the power to find joy rather than stress in the changes you make. You have to take the power away from the excuses you have used and give it to yourself. You will have to nurture yourself, thank yourself for deciding to change, set up rewards for continuing the change process, accept the changes that come and be creative about this whole thing. But the beauty of all this is that you are the magician, you are the one with the power to cause the change, the one who can gain the information you need and benefit from the changes you make. Let clarity help you start this process. All it takes is a little spark of magic to make big changes.

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