My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Principle of Magic: Act As If

By acting as if the desired event will occur you make sure the door is open for it to occur. Too many people give up too soon, they bail out way before the magic has a chance to take effect. When I was in college I kept on acting as if I would be able to raise the tuition, find the books and pay for them, get my assignments done on time, get into the classes I needed, continue to meet the obligations to my family, learn what I needed to learn to keep on going, and so forth. Ten years after I graduated from high school I received my MA. It was a good time and it was time well spent. Every person can probably find similar examples in their own life or similar experiences. Look at children learning to walk. They are acting as if they will learn to walk, and they do. Things would rather work than not, once set in motion. But if we throw rigid judgments and unrealistic expectations at them we can derail them. I believe we seldom know the fullness of what the end result will be, when we start out on something. But we need to believe that it will be a worthwhile result, perhaps unfolding for us in magical new ways, as relationships do, in order to keep on keeping on, to act as if. That is how magic happens.

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