My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Does Magic Sleep?

Around 2 A.M. this morning, when I put myself into the alpha state to ask for inspiration for my blog the phrase came up 'does magic sleep?' I was up for a while then went back to bed. Still resisting the idea. Now it's close to 11 A.M. and I have to give in. I must let myself explore the idea 'Does Magic Sleep?' First I must consider 'sleep'. That is a latent time, a time away, a time for restoration and replenishment, a time for ideas to grow. Surely that fits in with magic. Magic is gentle and quiet. I dare say it needs to replenish. When it bursts on our consciousness with it's glorious zing of AHA! it must need to retire. We wouldn't listen if we had that zing coming at us all the time. It would wear us out.
Sleep is something that we awaken from. I believe that we must also awaken magic at times. The spells of invocation are meant to awaken magic and get it working. Another word for sleep is slumber. However slumber has a slightly different connotation...that of a strong awakening waiting to happen. I wonder if there are times when really strong magic finds us. I think there is. These amazing events we tend to call miracles do happen. I have had amazing coincidents happen in my life that made a big difference to my well being. Yes, I have decided that magic sleeps. Sometimes it awakens itself. Sometimes we may awaken it. I plan on meeting one of my dearest friends for lunch today. I am sure the synergy of our relationship will creat a spark of magic that we will take with us back into our day to day life. May the same spark of magic happen for you.

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