My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, February 8, 2010

Listen With Pictures

Many of the works on visualization discuss it as a tool to cause positive changes in our life such as learning a new skill. This kind of visualization is consciously decided upon and used. But there are times when we need to gain understanding and visualization will help with that. Those times the magician needs to invite whatever pictures will come, to appear. I suppose it's like scrying with our mind. I recently was trying to understand another person's anger and to not let my own get out of hand. I never got to the point where I could see myself as the 'bad guy' but I did manage to give up my attachment to the whole thing and regain stability and inner peace. I was musing on the sometimes murkiness that needs to be cleared away in the search for truth. Then the pictures began to come. Muddy waters that I had to reach into as I searched for the pearl of wisdom, was one of them. The pictures, the tunes, the tightness of muscles, all the signs that you get as you mull over something, are meant to give you a fuller understanding of the concept you are grasping. Let it all wash over you and come into consciousness. Listen to yourself in order to know where you are. Then you can use whatever tools you want to move on to another place.

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