My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Success Magic

In the ordinary world there are tried and true steps to success. These I will discuss first. Then there are magical principles that also help one obtain success. I will also discuss those. Success is too important to ignore any help, magic or mundane.
The reason for my choice of success as a topic is because the book I am doing the first draft on, (working title: Marus in Chaga) is at the point where I have to really examine the issue of success because the antagonist of the story is about to take up more of the story. This villain has been consistent in certain behaviors that have given him his success. Now the hero group has to get close to the problem, call on or develop their resources,be flexible in meeting new problems and come up with superior behaviors until they have taken the villain out of the picture.
The extra magical property they will have to have is emotional. They will have to do all they can to make sure their morale stays high, that they maintain their belief in their own abilities, and that they have trust in each other.
They may do this with rituals, such as when a team goes into a huddle before starting play, songs, chants, use of lucky talismans, or encouraging talk among themselves. Their leader may paint powerful word pictures that help them visualize success.
To help you in your own success, give yourself that extra spark of magic by doing whatever you can to increase your positive emotions about your efforts. Break the problem down in to do-able bits and cheer yourself on for doing them. Any time you are blocked, cheer yourself for wisely backing up and learning from your mistake then going forward again. Use all the encouragement you can get. Think creatively about resources you have available. Success is meant to be yours.

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