My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, February 22, 2010

What Magical Moments Will You Create Today?

What event, moment, object, or feeling of magic will you create today? Who will perceive it? How will it be known? Perhaps it will be an amusing expression that you will put a little more zing into as you relate an anecdote. Or you could touch someone with a little more gentleness and caring. Maybe the meal you serve will look particularly attractive, or have an extra ingredient in it. The smile you give will go clear to your eyes and into the recipient's heart. There will be patterns of connectedness and grace in what you do today. Perhaps you will give yourself a feeling of peace and joy as you stop to perceive beauty in your surroundings.
I believe that our inner self is constantly aware of the extra aura of joy, fun, individuality, or self-expression that clothes our actions. I think our inner self likes to go about the day, humming along, celebrating life. Look at the textures and colors in which you and those around you have clothed themselves. See how pleasing a face is, balanced in it's mandala pattern. Skin is soft and smooth. Food is tasty. Even if you are under stress you can have, and deserve, a spark of magic today. Enjoy what you create.

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