My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Magic of Recognition

Recognition can happen the first time something is seen or met up with because that 'thing' will fit your inner ideal of rightness. Take a magic moment to wait for that recognition in your choices and you will be happier with them. I have portraits of my daughters that were painted by a Korean artist from photos over forty years ago. Most of the time they have been in the possession of someone else, but they recently came to me. For a long time they were unhung because the right place hadn't made itself known. The size and color were some of the considerations that were holding the decision back. Then, yesterday, my oldest daughter spotted a possible place, we tried it and it was perfect. Every other spot I had considered in the house had seemed as if they would pull something away from the pictures or make them look bad. I've looked at them dozens of times now and I get a zing every time. Not just from looking at a joyous reminder of such a long ago, loving time, but from the 'rightness' of the spot we chose.
I use the same tool of recognition in my writing. I will feel that my storyline is flat and I have to add a bit of adventure into the narrative. I will consider whatever comes to mind. But I will only choose the twist that I recognize as being something that will fit in with the characters and setting of my story.
People, objects, projects, adventures are all out there waiting for you to recognize them and let them help you give your life that spark of magic.

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