My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Magic of Word Play

Sometimes the way words are put together can open up your mind to great new worlds. You can do this for yourself and increase your mind power while having fun as well.
Let me suggest a few phrases for you to muse about. 'Cut the bonds to the mundane', 'let your imagination soar', 'the interplay of the sacred and the mundane', 'opposites attract', 'stand on the shoulders of giants','the sky's the limit','the eternal moment', 'hang in there, baby.'
I am suggesting that looking beyond the immediate meaning of a word or phrase can open your mind to increased creativity and productivity. Also, you are apt to gain insight into your deeper self. Meta-language is where the message really resides.
In my list of phrases to consider I put 'eternal moment'. Moment is a concept of time. Time passes. Eternity is outside of time. How can there be an eternal moment? One writer used it to mean 'a moment that was so full of love or meaning that time seemed to stand still and that would always be remembered.' This is not an exercise like the caterpillar counting his feet when asked how many he had. He stopped to count and couldn't walk. I doubt that you will stop to think and be unable to talk. I do challenge you, however, to look deeper into the words you use and encounter. That will bring a spark of magic into your life.

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