My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Magic is Connecting

Think about connecting, not just with friends, but in a very broad way. Paint connects to surfaces, seeds connect to nutrients in the soil, leaves connect to sunlight, oxygen connects to blood cells. All of those connections are done with grace and just the right amount of energy. The attraction that completes the connection is allowed to work. Now think about the times the force has been off, such as when the golfball is hit too strongly into the hole, thus causing it to roll back out. In relationships the difference might be the difference between courtship and stalking. Even goals must be approached with grace and the proper amount of energy. The lore is that one must be hard-driven, that one must go for it with gusto. I question that. I lettered in basketball in high school. But I spent a lot of quiet hours polishing my shooting skills, so that I could connect with the basket in a game. Connections may seem to be high energy, but they must not be too high. Connect in due time, with due grace and you will have that spark of magic in your life.

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  1. There's a difference between courtship and stalking? Really? JK. You're right--it takes balance.