My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Magic Is Bigger Than We Know

I just discovered one of my Face book friends is my granddaughter using a nickname. I was delighted, and realized I kind of suspected it as well. Another delight was that yesterday I blogged about being jolted out of ones ruts and that was (I want to think) in precognition of the surprise she gave me. I woke up thinking I would write about my enjoyment of the diversity of people's individuality, and I got proof that I do enjoy it.
I believe I write about fairies and magic, not just in my blog but in my other writing, because they are a metaphor for the spark that sentience has. My daughter's dog is back with me because she has returned from an extended stay in Arizona. He has his quirks and I enjoy having him here. He is a delightful sentient being. I rather more delight in my daughter, of course. But I appreciate magic wherever I find it.
I challenge you to step into the large world of magic. What have you discovered that you already suspected? What delights you in yourself or others? That is the magic that abounds.

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