My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Try Magic As Part Of Your World View

The mind set we habitually carry around strongly influences our perceptions and our actions. In order to keep from aging too rapidly it is a good idea to exercise our mind. One way is to practice using our memory by doing crossword puzzles and memorizing poetry. But it is a more challenging form of exercise to play with ideas, to look at the world in new ways, to wonder how ideas connect, or even to see if you can get or appreciate new ideas. Besides staving off dementia this can be very useful in the increased life skills you will gain.
Let me give you an example: Most people think being able to negotiate is a good skill to have. There are similarities between negotiating and doing magic, I believe. The process must not be rushed with either. The result must be pleasing and well formed. The goal is clear for the one using the skill. There must be involvement and participation. The magician/negotiator should not back off from the process before the goal is attained. This last is very important. I recently had someone call me who wanted to persuade me of a certain action. I was open to it but they couldn't explore options until the result could be well formed, they lost belief in themselves and in my good will, and gave up.
I challenge you to go forth as a magician and, loving yourself, give yourself many good experiences and good ideas.

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