My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Light Needs It's Shadow

It's a wonderful thing to get jolted out of one's ruts from time to time. Perhaps you can try this for yourself. As you go along, day to day, in the old mundane way, look for the contrary view. Say "No" with a ring. Turn things around. Hang a picture upside down. If you are traditionally wild and free try being prim and proper. Too much wild and free and be boring, just as can too much prim and proper. Experiment with "Why?" and "What if?" Trying this will let light into the shadows.
There may be all kind of riches hidden in those shadows. If you can't do it out loud, you can do it quietly, in the kingdom of your inner self. If this seems unsafe to you, let me give you a reason on the side of safety for doing this pushing-at- your-walls. Life is going to push at your walls. If you have already peered outside of your safe little world, the jolt when the surprises come will not be so big. But I don't advocate it just for that reason. It's a way to make your world more fun, richer, more magical.

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