My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Magical Aura of a Concept

There are many examples of the way words change over time. Awful( once having a spiritual connotation, as in full of awe) became something bad; is one such word. I really like the way the Greek word 'temenos' has developed. Once it stood for an area that was cut off, protected, and had a special use. Maybe the use was just for the way sunshine would reach plants in a protected part of the garden in the winter, or it could be a special area to be used by nobility. It has come to be used as a special place, or emotional atmosphere, where one can be truly himself. Friends create a place of temenos for friends, one of acceptance and understanding. The one in that protected place then flourishes, as if given magical soil and water. Consider ways that you can provide a magical circle, or temenos, to your friends and yourself. Allow that magical circle to develop. We all need it. Providing it for others will help it manifest for yourself. A bit of listening can go a long way towards bringing a spark of magic into your life.

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