My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Magic of Creativity

Whenever I see someone that seems ill I wonder if they are suffering from dis-ease.
When the creative part of yourself is denied it is hard to be well. Creativity is one of those terms like 'intelligence, magic, the universe, or the soul' that might need to be defined by those who use the term for full understanding to come about. When you are being creative you are making personal decisions based on your inner self. To arrive at the finished creative work a series of these kind of decisions must be made. They are not necessarily easy, but when they are right a kind of zing or joy manifests itself. Some creative people gain fame and fortune. Some do not. The goal is not fame and fortune, but expression of the self. This often involves working out what the self wants, or needs, to express. I have started plays, poems, or pictures that were important until I worked through what I was trying to work through. I don't feel guilty that I don't always finish a creative work. I finish enough. If I am figuring something out I don't run away from it. The inner self will continue to push to get the idea out there, in some form or another, somehow, someway, someday. This I know. I also know that tools of logic, discipline, planning, asking question, are all hand-maidens of my creativity. I try to keep my tools in good shape and use them well. My creativity is important to me. I urge you to nurture yours, to always be open to ways to let your magical inner self shine through.

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