My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Magic In Ink

Have you ever explored the magic that is in ink? Sometimes you may feel stressed because you are overwhelmed and are trying to keep too many things in mind. Put some of those worries away by making a declutter list. This is not a 'to do' list. It is a safe drawer where you can rest those worries and get to them later. When it is reasonable to do so, you can put them on your to-do list. Another magic spell in your pen is the to-do list for your slow elf. He needs things broken down into the simplest steps. While you are waiting for him, you may see some things that are actually too simple for him. Those extremely simple things you should go ahead and do, so that he won't be insulted that you think he isn't very capable. Your pen can make praise lists for youself of the good things you have accomplished. On those lists nothing is too slight to be included. Wish lists are helpful. Try to create other magic pen helps for yourself. Face your monsters with your sword-pen and create the beautiful day, full of magic, that you deserve.

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