My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Magical Tips For Togetherness

When you meet someone new, or even when you get together with an old friend, reign in any tendency you have to impress them or look to them to kiss all your hurts and make them better. First start with developing rapport. This is done by noticing if your friend, present or future, is more at home in visual, aural, or motor modalities. By that I mean, if they are talking about 'seeing' things your way -visual- don't talk about 'hearing' them. If they are 'moving forward' in their life you will feel more like a friend to them if you also mention some motor activity. Maybe you can mention 'taking steps' to create the life you want. Noticing the way you and others operate will take some sensitivity and practice. But it is worth it. You can also check in about the way you move. Match the length of your steps, and the rhythm in which you walk to that of your friend and they will feel more open and relaxed in your company. People will not let themselves feel impressed or want to help you until you have knocked on their door and they have willingly opened it. This is done in small, but important ways. Be open to others and they will be open to you.

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