My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Magic of Changing Channels

Yesterday I read an e-mail from a friend, and I felt angry and hurt. I went back and read it again and couldn't pin down exactly why I felt that way, until I read a little more. Then I realized that I had overreacted, I had actually read things into it that weren't there. My logical left brain was okay with that but my right brain, my feelings, were in need of some love. I checked to see which channel I was in. My aural (ears) channel was nattering away at me. Nyah, nyah, nyah, the misreading and the angry reaction were chattering away. Obviously that channel wasn't the best one. Often, when the critical aural channel is going the head will be down (as you listen to the gripes & stuff.) So I switched into visual right away. I looked up at pictures I have on my walls. Then I opened a lovely visual e-mail, a slide show, I had just received full of wise sayings and beautiful photos.
After that I was in a fairly good mood but I also did a bit of motor or kinesthetic activity. Later I went back to the e-mail and felt no pang at all, ego involved as I had previously been. I communicated further with my friend and found out that we were in agreement after all. That was the best of all, but I wouldn't have found that out if I had stayed in my mistaken, reactive mode.
Changing channels can be helpful at other times. People who fear crossing a bridge, but must in order to get to work, have been able to lessen their reaction by singing songs as they cross. The singing blocks the pictures of height that are trying to come through. Others have found that rhythmic movements have loosened a tight throat.
Use your senses to manage reactions that are interfering with nurturing yourself. Change the uncomfortable channel to one that will come in much more clearly. Maybe you can't think, can't talk. Some people have been able to collect their thoughts by taking a pen and paper and drawing pictures or writing down their words. If you feel overwhelmed and need to feel calm in order to function, find ways to work a bit of magic, change the channel.

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