My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Magic of Small

Keys are small. Without a key the locked door will not open. Large problems are made up of many smaller problems. If we learn to smoothly use the small keys we can find we will be able to deal with very large things-problems, projects, ideas. The willingness to accept the small key as valuable and use it smoothly is the crucial element.
One of the arts I love is sculpture. When modeling a piece in clay you must build it up dab by dab, small stroke of your tool by small stroke of your tool, lovingly. It is the same with your life. Allow awareness to develop. Question ways of dealing with that which must be dealt with. Look for the small keys. Perhaps you must start with something as simple as better breathing, or a different way of using a particular muscle. That is the start, the small key. Then move on to the other small steps. Think big, work small, but flow towards the ultimate goal. I have found that roadblocks will happen, but they are only blocks, not the end of the road. When you feel blocked, accept it, then see if you can flow past it. Perhaps that will be enough. If not, allow the block to reveal itself, with all of its small parts. These will be small enough that they are not the block you first met. Sparks are small but they start warm fires. Use the magic of small.

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