My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Magic Of Kindness

I was browsing on the designated days list and saw that Feb. 15Th, two days ago, was the end of Kindness Week. I just missed it but some things can/should always be celebrated. I followed some links and saw the Goethe quote "Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together." So I must share. He may or may not be talking about the big concept of society, but think how harsh life would be if those close to you never said 'thank you' or smiled at you, if a stranger never held a door for you, if a friend never shared a small experience with you just because they thought you could relate to it. Or if you were never kind to yourself. Think of ways you can be kind to yourself today: lotion on some rough hands, enjoy the smell of your breakfast coffee as well as the taste, what play or light or color do you notice that you enjoy, have you bothered to find something to laugh at, did several things work well today--develop the magic of kindness to yourself. Be kind to others. Maybe you can smile at a family member, or tell them something that you appreciate about them. Strangers deserve kindness and it does your health well to give it to them. Improved blood pressure and well being are tangible results of kindness. But who knows? You may also be building up a lot of good Karma. It never hurts to be kind. Even explaining and apologizing when you have to be pushy is a kindness. Kindle the spark of kindness today.

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