My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to Basics

Magic is the ability to change perception at will. I must remember that. I've been paying bills and feel a bit dour at the size of some of them. So I will call on several of my inner resources to get me through the evening. a. Had a nutritious supper. b. Called on my Dragon Energy. c. Challenged myself to use my love of solving puzzles to deal with the decisions about where to allocate resources...Then I did the best thing...I called up a friend and griped on their shoulder until we could find things to laugh about. There is nothing better than a friend that will help you gripe until it eases. In Yiddish I believe it's known as a kvetch...woe and alas until stability and faith kick in. Be good to your friends. They will save your sanity.

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  1. Whenever I know I should learn a specific skill but procrastinate until my need becomes urgent,the learning task disrupts my life a lot.
    An example is learning a method of organizing my workspace. I put it off until I must locate an item (e.g. my checkbook). Searching for it doesn't get results until I clean off the entire table or desk. Finally I give in and do it, but it makes me late for an event. Then I recognize that I must identify only two places where my checkbook will belong. It would make life much more pleasant, if I would dedicate regular times to change certain habits to organize my life.