My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, January 4, 2010

Have a little Faith

This is the 3rd post and I don't know if I can be found yet. I can't access the url. So I will muse on faith. I don't think faith should be passive. It is said that "faith without works is dead." So I'm going to apply some down to earth faith and try a bunch of different things with Blogger. Then I will go out into the other world, and see what other things I can do to create things in my life the way I want them. A bigger attempt to find an agent for my books.A little help from the luck that hangs around me will be welcome. I will call on my faith and dragon energy to get some results. I will have faith that I deserve the good things I get for myself and that I can get them. Maybe it will have to be with a little help from my friends. But I have the sense to value and nurture my friends, not just for the fun they are but because friends make me larger. So here's to a future where friends can access and read my posts, and know I appreciate them

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