My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Magician's Mirror

The magician does not need a mirror to reassure himself/herself that she/he exists. They are so sure of their existence that it is not questioned. The I AM decision has been made. They are not in the clutches of 'I am a....' They are in their being, looking out and wondering what else exists. They also may wonder, what is existence? I began to learn this as a child, how perception could shift, and how fun it was. My brothers and I would walk around in our house holding a small mirror under our eyes so we saw only the ceiling. After a few minutes we perceived that the ceiling was the floor. We had to be careful to walk around the chandeleir that was sticking up, and to feel carefully with our feet to avoid things we could not see. I have known too many people that are so unsure of their being that they seem to fail to see the person standing before them because they are so busy wondering how that person perceives them. People standing around seeing others seeing others seeing others, hoping to be seen.
Lost in a sea of tattered labels, wondering which label they should try to reglue and hail as reality.
Use your senses to get back into your own being. Notice what you see, smell, hear, sense as movement. Sense how your breath goes, the temperature of the air, any comfort or discomfort you feel. Let the world mirror you, rather than you mirroring the world. Then you will be free to make choices.

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