My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, January 24, 2010

When The Spark Is Weak

Sometimes the spark of magic is our lives weakens. Sometimes a picture flashes into my mind that I am alone in space and barely managing to dodge the astroids. Because dark times come, the wise magician will store up good memories, and ways to get back to the magic. It is also helpful to know what brings on the dark times.
For me, one of the things that makes me falter is the troubles of others. I am more of an empath than is helpful to me. Of course that helps my writing. I find it very easy to feel for my characters. My writing is also one of the things that helps me get past the dark times. I'm working on a book now, one of the Thimblewyck sequels, in which having the security of a home is one of the concerns of the main character. At the same time, I have a friend who does not have the living arrangements I could wish for him. So today I am searching for the spark of strength in my friend, and ways to nurture that spark. He's probably much stronger than I know. When we talk I will share my caring for his situation and that might strengthen the spark for him. I can see the dawn starting. That strengthens magic for me. If my friend shows courage that will also strenghten my spark. Friends are miracles. Miracles are the magical surpises we receive. We must cherish all miracles.

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