My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Best Magical Spells

I've often seen reference to spells, those words that will cause magical change. No matter if they exist or not, there is one way of using words that will have a great deal of effectiveness. Those are the self-accepting, self-encouraging words you say to yourself. Notice I put self-accepting first. That is the first key.
Everyone has a nurturing, self-encouraging part of themselves. We may need to grow it a bit if we have been around toxic people who have always criticized us. But we all can become our own mother. A good mother is accepting first and then expects the child to act in ways that are good for that child. You can do the same for yourself. It has been said that we experience adversity daily, maybe over a dozen times. We deal with it, make a big deal of it, or run away from it. In order to deal with adversity, the best way of the three to achieve success in life, we must first note our reaction. If we encounter a bad driver on the road we first note if that slowed us down, frightened us or what ever other reaction we had. Then we note if we accept that driver as one of the conditions of the road, like rain or potholes, or if we are going to overreact and mess up our own driving. It is the same in other situations. Use your words to form magical spells for yourself.
That soft voice we send to ourselves of, you can do this, you can think clearly, you can figure this out, you can get help if you need to, you can get the skills you need, you can break this problem down into smaller parts, good going, keep on trying, are all words that can become your magical spells. Do this for yourself and achieve magical results.

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