My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Basic Principle of Magic/ First Things First

Using the gyre rather than the linear model for your self-directed growth is most helpful. If you see or suspect that you are weak in a trait or skill you want to have, you can spiral back to renew it, without any loss of face. For example,
yesterday, after writing pages of dialogue I decided I was weak on the fine points of punctuation for dialogue. This is a book I will submit for publication so I have to have all those details just right. Today I will make it a point to check out everything possible about dialogue punctuation, get it firmly in my head once more, then tackle my creative project. It's the same in all realms--you must master first things first and if you have not, you must go back when needed and work, or play at mastery once more. I see many people who have not mastered the "I AM" decision and this is one of the most basic and important concepts to master, but one that can take a lifetime. To work on this mastery the student will practice being centered, in the moment, then will use sensory input to report to themselves their experience of the outer world. They are not outside of themselves, trying to report how the outside world sees them. They are not the victim of labels. They can rate their performance factually, as to how it matches the standards they have chosen for themselves. That doesn't take away from self-esteem. But losing the power of the self to labels is dangerous. When you feel your "I Am" decision is weak, spiral back and strengthen it. Not with meglomania, that too, is the misuse of labels. Be the human being you are meant to be. Your value is innate.
Part of what you report to yourself is the actions or reactions of other people. Allow them to do as they will. What they choose to do or say does not take away any bit of your value. How you choose to act or speak is your choice, because you have chosen to be yourself.

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