My magic castle

My magic castle

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Eyes Still Have It

In the January 10th post I mentioned the use of eye movements to help gain improvements in your mood. Now I want to focus on the effect you get from just looking in certain directions. Experiment and see what works for yourself. Not everyone is wired exactly the same. But for most people, if you need to lighten your mood you can do so instantly just by looking up and to the side. If you need to focus on something you will probably look down or to a middle ground. See if rolling your eyes doesn't "erase" or negate things for you. Lean your head back, close you eyes but have them in the looking up position. For many that will bring a smile and perhaps whimsical pictures. If you need to loosen the grip that toxic people have gained on you, try different eye things like the following. Look at your memory of them with a misty gaze, eyes open but squinted. Or look at your memory of them as if they are reflected in a mirror that reflects the reflection and so on, many mirrors away. You can develop your visualization skills by starting out looking at your hand, close your eyes and see what you remember of what you saw. Try smiling clear up to your eyes and see if that doesn't help you feel better. As I said before 'look up and live.' That could become a magical spell for you. A good mood is magical.

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