My magic castle

My magic castle

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sharp Teeth and Long Claws

I thought I was pretty cute when I got the idea of calling my worries my pets. I even blogged about it a few days ago. But I forgot that magic must be well formed and I hadn't worked out the concept well. I got some pain (a powerful "tag you're it!) from my shadow as a result. MAGIC MUST BE WELL FORMED. Creativity involves birth pangs. There must be some thought and work involved before something is well formed. What happened was I made a list of my "Worry Pets" and put it as a bookmark in my journal. Last night when I looked at the list I slipped into an old habit of seeing my worries as my labels. I gave up personal power to those labels and my self esteem bounced off the floor. I realized I needed to see my worries as separate from my self. after all we say; "I am." not "I am a..." to be grounded and whole.
One way to separate from those "creatures" was to give them some features and characteristics. I had seen they had sharp teeth and long claws. I imagine they have soft fur, but not perfect fur. I suppose more will evolve. They are my worries, not my self image, no matter how sharp their teeth or long their claws.

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