My magic castle

My magic castle

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hooray for the Nose

I must still be in the 'face up to things' mode. I'm writing about that important sense organ, the nose. Scent is important in magic. Remembered scents can trigger strong states and even actions. Think of how you react to different smells like the smell of a baby's neck, fresh baked bread, incense, a rose. Aromatherapy is used to bring about healing. Product manufacturers add smell to their product to entice customers to buy.
How can you use that in magic? Magic is yours to use. I knew the manager of an appliance showroom who put paper plates of freshly ground coffee on top of the refrigerators at the beginning of each business day. A conscious decision to use aroma to influence. Find scents which calm you and have them available for use when needed. Follow this idea through and you will have a good tool of influence.
Another thing about the nose I must mention. If you are having cramps in the feet or legs, a firm pinch right between the nostrils will relieve those cramps quickly. This is the principle of multiple connections. We are all one. Wholeness and unity are an underlying principles of the magical life.

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