My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Is Magic?

In one of my first posts I mentioned a definition I had seen as magic being 'the ability to change perception at will.' When I was given this definition I was not told whether that change was in myself or in others. I think it would be good to examine our perceptions of magic for ourselves. Walt Disney refers to 'The Magic Kingdom'. We use the term magical often to refer to delightful events or sights. Some think of illusionists as magicians. Some people want to believe that humans can suspend the laws of nature and cause events to behave for their whims. We don't know all the laws of nature yet, but the ones we do know of don't suspend. What a mystery! What is magic? Magic is based on perception. It is change. It is surprise. When we perceive things a certain way,but then there is a shift, and it is for the better, magic has happened. Events can happen that are so lucky they are almost unbelieveable. But the person who received the luck was open to that luck. They were not pushing it away. I challenge you to examine how you perceive your world. Then dare to question your perceptions. This will lead to greater self knowledge and self power. Decide what is magical in your life, for yourself.

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