My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Usefulness of the Gyre

A gyre is a spiral. But when it is called a gyre it is cloaked in a bit more magic than the ordinary spiral. Carl Jung referred to the gyre as the pathway of personal growth. Educators build a curriculuum on a spiral model, starting out with simple concepts in a subject and spiraling back to them over the years in greater and greater depth.
Alchemists wrote of the gyre. For your use, in your journey towards life mastery, spiral around and around your knowledge of self, gaining ever more understanding on that majestic journey. The well formedness of the spiral pattern lets you avoid snags yet keeps you on the path you need to follow.
Often nowdays people meditate by walking a labyrinth. If you look at the patterns
that are shown you will often see a spiral leading towards the center. Rather than going around in static circles, spiral around your growth and development. Come close and focus then spiral away and you absorb the lesson gained, then spiral in once more. There you can appreciate what you find or deepen your perception.

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