My magic castle

My magic castle

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fairy Taps or Angel Kisses

The post for January 10, 2010 mentioned tapping. I want to go into that in a little more detail now. I am modeling the gyre now. Spiral around something, coming ever closer to detail. There are spots on your body that are more sensitive than others. Some of those will help you relax or go into an alert state in which learning is easier, when they are touched. The face and hands are the spots I will discuss this morning. But first an anecdote as to why I used the term 'angel kisses'. One day, in the afternoon school program a small girl rushed in, highly distraught. Adults can no longer freely hug children, as was once the custom, at school. But she was in a lot of emotional pain and disrupting the group. I gently asked her if I could give her some 'angel kisses'. She nodded and I began to lightly tap certain places on her face with the tips of certain of my fingers. In no time at all she had forgotten about the little boy who had irritated her and was smilling, ready to sit down and begin an activity.
The fingers it is easiest to use are the middle two, held together. All the first three can also work. The pressure is light and delicate and rhythmic. Experiment on your own face. Around the eye sockets, particularly right under the center of the eye, might feel particularly good to you. The area known as the third eye is between the eyes but a couple of finger widths above. That can be relaxing as well. On the hand, tap along the outside of the hand on the little finger side, and on top of the hand from the center of the wrist towards the middle finger. If you combine this with even breathing or visualization of goals, or beautiful images, it can become a very effective tool to use for yourself or to help others.

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