My magic castle

My magic castle

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Realm of Magic

The idea of "well formedness" is very important in magic and the good life. Balance of energy, form, and interests; being at one; being in tune. To help you get through a rough day or patch in your life find touchstones,rituals, talismans, or ideas that can help you and buoy you up. Since I had the experience of my worries being my pets( I blogged about it a few days ago) I call my pets to me to help me with whichever problem they are hooked onto. For instance, I need to get a zoning permit for a shed in my backyard. I called my permit-worry-pet to me and he gave me energy to find out what is involved and what I must do. You are free to create ways to help you deal with what you must. Also remember to call the joy and glory of life to you.
At one point in my life I was struggling with extreme shyness. I found a lovely white rock that made me think of the egg of a dragon. I put it on the dashboard of my car and when I would look at it I would imagine becoming the strong glorious dragon I was meant to be. In a short time my shyness had left me, without me even being aware that I was in the process of that change. It is your life. Live it creatively.Magic abounds.

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