My magic castle

My magic castle

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moon Magic

Last night was said to be the best full moon of all of 2010, because it was both a time of being most near to the earth and a full moon. I hope you were able to enjoy it. Ideas about the moon abound in folklore. I was even told that I would go crazy if I looked at it too long, as a child. I believe this is a good time to utilize certain metaphors to gain growth. Reflection: the moon reflects the light of the sun. We can reflect on our actions, dreams, desires, and values and gain immeasurable growth, with growth we gain power. Latency: The moon has stood for the feminine principle, for the shadow, for change that is not obvious. That too can be a positive idea. Often we give a problem over to our right brain, our subconscious, to develop. When the understanding is ready for us, it comes forth. The night I decided to challenge the idea that I would go crazy from staring at the moon was a good night. I often slept outside in the summer. That night I fell asleep staring at the moon. I woke refreshed and sane. I knew that ideas of darkness could be rumors rather than truth. It took the reflecting time of the night to learn that I could make decisions for myself. Action and reflection must go together for true power. Let last night's wonderful moon encourage you to take time to reflect more often, and give yourself a spark of magic in your life.

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