My magic castle

My magic castle

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Twisting Time

In my book "Thimblewyck:The Origins" some of the fairies can twist time. They slow it down and speed it up at their will. Before clocks were well developed we all had a more fluid concept of time. Mid-day was mid-day whether the days were short or long.
Due time is a concept I like. When things are allowed to happen in due time they are fully developed and fit in with the circumstances surrounding them. When I was studying Ericksonian hypnosis we told the person we were putting into a trance they could take all the time they wanted to come to any understanding they needed, it could seem like a very long time, even if it were only a minute or two of clock time.
One time I took some part American Indian children to see pow wow dances. When someone came out and told the audience that if they were operating on 'white man's time' they would be started, and to just be patient. The children decided they wanted to operate on white man's time and talked me into taking them to a movie instead.
To work the magic of getting the best use of your time find ways to be clear headed. A happy person moves faster, is more focused on the task, and does better work (or play). Devices of game playing can help with this. Imagine an awkward elf who will help you but you have to break things down into simple steps. Praise yourself at every step, as you do the task you devised for him, as he has not yet arrived. Sing, dance, be in the moment by using your senses as much as you can.
Let the moments curl around you in magical existence. Do not let time tie you in knots.

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